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End of our Europe Tour 2022

We would like to say a massive thanks to the amazing experience on the road with the guys of Manticora and Oddland!

You might now think: the tour is still going, why that post?!? 😅

The last shows aren’t taking place. Manticora had to make a very difficult decision for the well-being of the band. It was hard to balance three days off due to a cancelled show in Munich to wait for the gigs in Vienna and Cottbus. Sadly the well known problem of low pre-sale tickets also affected our tour. All of us are feeling deeply sorry for those who wanted to attend the shows - it wasn’t of interest to any of us to let the tour end this early. But even during these hard times you need to calculate costs and the potential outcome so that bands will survive through the next years.

Speaking of that we would like to say many massive thanks to all the rocking crowds there in Hamburg, Essen, Hoofddorp, Zwolle, Bilzen, Pratteln, Montpellier, Lyon and Mannheim!

It was a total honor to play for all of you on our first EU Tour ever and we will never forget these amazing unique experiences with you! You rocked hard!!!

Thank you so much to @oddlandband to Joni, Jussi, Saki, Ville. Thank you so so much for the great tour @manticora.official to Kristian, Lars, Stefan, Kasper and Lawrence along tour manager Morten. And last but not least to our merch man Ronnie and our technicians Burger and Hendrik as well as bus driver Saso!


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