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Happy New Year

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

🔥Happy New Year Everyone!🔥

2022 is coming to an end - what a year!

Not only we released a brand new music video with "FIRE" together with Silent Village Productions - we also rediscovered us as a band!

Most importantly: Liveshows were possible again. This was the most amazing feeling after 2 years of … nothing.

We had the honor to tour together with Manticora and Oddland, played great Summer festivals, did a worldwide live-streaming show at Staghouese and last but not least we have been invited to two amazing festivals with Full Metal Holiday and Metal Hammer Paradise! 🤘🏻

What a year! It meant so much to us to play for you guys again and we have some amazing memories from on the road! 😊🤘🏻

Thank you so much!

2023 - what can you offer?

We wish you guys nothing but the best! 🙏🔥


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